Free human edited web directory for amdram/amateur theatre!

  • www.pantomusicals.co.uk

    Free-to-perform, off-beat panto scripts with original scores, animated digital projections, downloadable backing tracks and guide vocals.

    Number of Visits:118
  • www.darrenscripts.co.uk

    We offer traditional and non-traditional pantomime scripts at an affordable price. All business is done online and reading copies are absolutley free.

    Number of Visits:115
  • www.gwizzpromotions.co.uk

    Pantomime scripts suitable for production by both large and small amateur groups. Sixteen titles to choose from, all with the vital ingredients to ensure a successful show - traditional storylines, lots of comedy, and a good mix of songs and action.

    Number of Visits:82
  • www.aapantos.co.uk

    Traditional Pantomime Scripts by Edinburgh duo Alistair Ferguson & Alan Richardson. All scripts are available by email.

    Number of Visits:75
  • www.spookytree.co.uk

    Experienced amateur writer offers free scripts to support amateur theatre. Also new plays.

    Number of Visits:51
  • www.limelightscripts.co.uk

    Publishers of award-winning Pantomime Scripts, both traditional and modern. Many with original story-lines and twists. Light up your audience with a Limelight Scripts Panto.

    Number of Visits:44
  • www.bencrockerpantomimes.com

    Top quality traditional pantomimes with a good modern feel

    Number of Visits:41
  • www.mattmaiseypantos.co.uk

    Original pantomime scripts by Matthew Maisey. Lots of laughs, traditional stories and characters, but with a fresh approach.

    Number of Visits:37
  • www.saucecityscripts.co.uk

    New writer based in Worcester. Hilarious pantomime scripts and light hearted shorts.

    Number of Visits:34
  • www.smithscripts.co.uk

    We feature Pantomimes, Plays and Sketches for amateur performance and offer the opportunity to writers to be included in our catalogue.

    Number of Visits:8