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The Amateur Theatre Directory is the brainchild of Sandra Marriott - the webmaster of the Blackmore Players amdram group. As the webmaster, she got a lot of emails offering scripts and other amdram services to the Blackmore Players but had no real way of collating the information for the rest of the group. After all, having hundreds of emails about various different services stored in your archives, does not make for easy reading!

The aim of the Amateur Theatre Directory is to create an online resource for the entire amdram community - so groups can find new writers, specialist services - anything that may help them create better productions that ultimately bring in bigger audiences and thus more interest in membership!

In addition, if you have a company that can provide a service to the amdram community, adding your website to our directory will help you to attract more customers!

We only allow top level domains to be submitted (e.g. www.mysite.com NOT www.mysite.com/dir/index.html) and they may only be submitted to one category. There is a simple reason for this - as backlinks are important to websites, some people will spam the directory to get more links. As this is an information resource, we only want websites that are relevant to the category in which they have been submitted - this will help to keep the information relevant.

We are keen to hear from the amdram users of this directory about improvements that could be made so please contact us to let us know your suggestions!

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