Free human edited web directory for amdram/amateur theatre!

  • www.scriptcircle.co.uk

    Publish or find scripts for one-act of full length plays.

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  • www.playsforadults.com

    Playstage Senior is committed to offering plays that contain good parts for older actors, because we understand the needs of most amateur dramatic groups.

    Number of Visits:153
  • www.playsandsongs.com

    Play scripts for musicals, comedy scripts and pantomime scripts for children and adults. Download scripts, musical scores and backing tracks instantly.

    Number of Visits:151
  • www.productionscripts.com

    Online downloadable marketplace for theatre and radio scripts.

    Number of Visits:147
  • www.tlc-creative.co.uk

    A wide range of playscripts (One act and sketches for reviews) and pantomimes plus murcher mysteries and a host of theatrically themed merchandise! Bespoke work (for amdram, professional theratre and coporates) also considered.

    Number of Visits:106
  • www.theatricalrights.com

    Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW) represents a wide range of musicals from Broadway and Off-Broadway. Titles include GREASE, MONTY PYTHON'S SPAMALOT, CURTAINS, THE COLOR PURPLE, and FORBIDDEN BROADWAY GREATEST HITS - VOLUME I.

    Number of Visits:99
  • www.lesclarkeplays.co.uk

    Les Clarke is an award winning playwright.

    Number of Visits:90
  • www.playsandmusicals.co.uk

    Play Scripts and Musicals for Schools, Amateurs, Church and Youth Groups.

    Number of Visits:86
  • www.samuelfrench-london.co.uk

    Our theatre bookshop in central London, stocking plays, musicals and books on the theatre, is backed with unique knowledge and experience on both side of the Atlantic and offers a well-informed specialist service.

    Number of Visits:85
  • www.aminadablupin.co.uk

    One-Act and Full-Length Plays for the Amateur Theatre, by Edinburgh based playwright

    Number of Visits:74
  • www.jasperpublishing.com

    Jasper Publishing offers a wide selection of full-length and one-act Play, Pantomime, Musical, Sketches and Music Hall scripts.

    Number of Visits:72
  • www.scripts4theatre.co.uk

    Stage Plays by Ian Hornby.

    Number of Visits:59
  • www.theatremusic.org

    downloads of new musicals, music theatre (scripts, sheet music, backing tracks) royalty free for amateur groups

    Number of Visits:55
  • www.brightstarplayscripts.com

    Stage plays suitable for adults, children and young people written by playwright John Summons. Scripts are suitable for performance in theatres and drama workshops. Many scripts are also suitable for study and performance by drama students in theatre studies courses or for use by drama & English teachers in a classroom setting. JOHN SUMMONS has been writing plays for adults and children for over thirty years. He has been associated with a number of Sydney's leading theatres and was playwright-in-residence at Sydney's Ensemble Theatre. His publishers include Cambridge University Press (UK), The Dramatic Publishing Company (USA) and Currency Press (Australia).

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  • www.josef-weinberger.co.uk

    osef Weinberger Ltd., London, theatre and music publisher, agent for music theatre international and the rodgers & hammerstein organization

    Number of Visits:45
  • www.stagescripts.com

    Stagescripts Ltd is an independent UK-based publisher and rights-holder for the works of mostly contemporary writers and composers of musical theatre and drama, serving adventurous producers

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  • www.doc-watson.com

    A plethora of pantomimes; a cornucopia of comedies and lots more for groups looking for something new.

    Number of Visits:43
  • www.nickhernbooks.co.uk

    Nick Hern Books are a specialist publisher of plays, screenplays and theatrebooks.

    Number of Visits:40
  • www.alzheimersthemusical.com

    'Alzheimer's the Musical: A night to remember!' Rights now available for amateur productions of this award-winning comedy show. A big hit at Seniors Festivals & Comedy Festivals in Australia and at Gilded Balloon during 2011 Edinburgh Fringe. Also recently performed in U.S.

    Number of Visits:40
  • www.oneclickscripts.co.uk

    A new and exciting way to find the perfect pantomime or play script. All our scripts are available for perusal online and are easily downloadable, without the usual fuss. Shows are suitable for groups and venues of all sizes.

    Number of Visits:38
  • www.parrilay.co.uk

    Parrilay Plays is a small publishing company based in Milton Keynes, UK, primarily publishing the plays of Pip Parry.

    Number of Visits:30
  • www.pantomuse.com

    Scripts available for 'Amusing Musicals' several original songs or new words to existing tunes. Possibly not like anything else around. Jack and the GM Beanstalk. The Moralitie of Eve Ryman. Rose Napoleono and the Blue Buttercup. King George of the Railways and coming along - The Last Week of Jesus in Jerusalem.

    Number of Visits:28
  • www.playwrightspublishing.com

    Publishers of new plays based in Nottinghamshire

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  • www.pintsizedplays.org.uk

    Pint-sized Plays is very pleased to announce that we're publishing a selection of winning plays from the past six years. The first two volumes are now published and we hope to publish further volumes as sufficient scripts become available. Each volume contains around 20 winning pint-sized plays, ideal for performance by professional and amateur groups in and out of pubs, and also very useful for drama schools and others looking for short, simply staged plays.

    Number of Visits:28
  • www.janelockyerwillis.co.uk

    One act and two act plays for Theatre and Festivals. Also: 'AN ENGLISH COUNTRY GARDEN,' Original monologues and duologues for men and women.

    Number of Visits:27
  • www.josmithplays.moonfruit.com

    A playwright providing stage plays to both professional & amateur theatre companies; or just those who simply love reading.

    Number of Visits:24
  • www.playsbyjanelockyerwillis.co.uk

    Plays by Jane Lockyer Willis.

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  • martygull.blogspot.com

    I'm writing a first draft for a musical. It's called Marty Gull (Marty[r] Gull[ible]). It's a surreal, satirical, tragicomic piece of musical political theatre.

    Number of Visits:23
  • www.den677.wix.com/tyne-music-2

    A new source of original music and musical plays for schools, colleges, amateur theatrical and community groups.

    Number of Visits:21
  • www.playwrightsandplayers.co.uk

    Bringing writers and performers closer!

    Number of Visits:5
  • www.bardofhenley.co.uk

    Over 20 scripts written by an experienced amateur theatre actor.

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