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If you are looking for an amateur dramatics group in Cambridgeshire then look no further and if you know of an amdram group in Cambridgeshire that is not yet listed, why not submit details of their website?

  • www.hamptonscomedytheatre.co.uk

    The AWARD-WINNING Hampton Amateur Theatre Society (HATS) is an adult comedy drama group from the new township of Hampton in Peterborough, Cambs.

    Number of Visits:333
  • www.an-other-theatre-company.com

    Amateur dramatics group based in Peterborough, Cambs.

    Number of Visits:231
  • www.masktheatre.co.uk

    Peterborough MASK Theatre is a friendly and skilled group of people from many back grounds with a wide variety of talents, aspirations and ages. The group are amateurs but the society has aims to uphold professional standards. By adopting the basic rule of performing plays of "merit" and believing the quality of the script leads to the quality of the production "The MASK" has succeeded in producing a varied repertoire of high quality theatre since 1947

    Number of Visits:154
  • www.stjohnsplayers.co.uk

    St John's Players are an amateur theatre group based near Cambridge in Fulbourn, Cambs.

    Number of Visits:130
  • www.cuadc.org

    The website of the cambridge university amateur dramatics club, resident at the ADC theatre cambridge

    Number of Visits:106
  • www.bawds.org

    Bawds was founded in 1981 in Cambridge, initially to present productions of restoration plays. It was later decided to broaden the theatrical scope of the company by presenting a wider variety of pieces. As a result of this decision, Bawds has since staged many plays by modern authors. The company has used many different types of venues for its productions, ranging from college gardens and studio spaces to traditional proscenium arch theatres.

    Number of Visits:89
  • www.christs.cam.ac.uk/cads/

    Christ's Amateur Dramatic Society (CADS) - college based amdram society based in Cambridge.

    Number of Visits:74
  • www.satg.org.uk

    Every year Shakespeare at The George perform one of the Bard's plays. We perform them in the open air in the Jacobean Courtyard of the George Hotel in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England. A setting much as would have been used in Shakespeare's own time. The productions are run by a group of Trustees and the entire cast and crew are volunteers.

    Number of Visits:67
  • www.gpotter.dial.pipex.com/sphome.html

    The Sawston Players in Cambridgeshire have now disbanded but the website remains for those wishing to look over the history of the amateur theatre group.

    Number of Visits:66